This Sunday: the versatile, super-healthful Cabbage family

Yup, focusing on Cabbage and its cruciferous clan this coming Sunday. Aunty Oxidant may visit!  Will taste Slaw made with its cousins kohlrabi, sweet napa cabbage, carrots, herbs, tossed in a healthful vinaigrette instead of mayo. 

Aunty Oxidant’s Nutrition Factoid:  Cabbage it starts losing its bountiful Vitamin C, an antioxidant, as soon as you cut it. So, try to make it fresh. Although I realize that is difficult when you make slaws as often as I do. I’ll research that. As you may have heard, all cruciferous family veggies are very high in anti-oxidants and therefore touted as having anti-cancer properties. Besides, they are high in water and fiber, which helps clear out cholesterol from your body. Eat slaw after those tempting cheese curds!


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