Crunchy Cabbage Slaw, cool purple veggies at Market

Today, Little Locavore kids and I made Orange Ginger Vinaigrette to top off a colorful, Crunchy Cabbage Slaw made fresh with veggies I found at the market this morning.

Many of these veggies in the slaw were members of the Cabbage family such as green cabbage, curly kale, kohlrabi, and an attention-grabbing bright purple cauliflower we found at one grower’s stall.  I also added carrots, ‘red spinach’ (looks purple), red onion, scallions, and napa cabbage, also called Chinese cabbage. I would normally use red cabbage too, but they weren’t at market yet.

We also had small sticks of kohlrabi and strips of napa cabbage leaves & stalk for people to sample with dressing. Sweet and crunchy, napa cabbage stalk is very popular with kids. Kohlrabi looks like a light green rutabaga alien with antennae…its texture is like radishes, but its flavor is mild and not peppery like its flashier cousins. I like it julienned in salads and in stir-fried dishes.

A big “Thank You” to today’s excellent Locavore helpers,  Toria, Melissa, Prisana, Eric, Miles, Freya and Morgan!  They all proclaimed the slaw delicious!  OK, except for Eric, who said he doesn’t like vegetables on the whole but he was interested in how we prepared the dishes. He capably manned the mini-blender and claimed the vinaigrette was ‘easy to make’.  

Slaw salads like this are not only colorful and crunchy but, also,super healthful. In particular, cabbage family veggies consist mostly of fiber and water so they’re refreshing and low cal; and have high amounts of Vit C and other vit & minerals. Notably, research studies are looking at  powerful antioxidants called glucosinalates, which seem to boost the body’s defense mechanisms and detoxification.

More info on which growers and veggies are available at the Farmers Market, plus much much more at


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