Got yer number, cucumber

Sun’s Little Locavore was a blast!  We played true/false with some little-known facts about Cucumbers and debuted the “Walk Like An Egyptian Cucumber Baton Desert Relay”. Yes, a la Steve Martin.

Thanks to Locavores Zander and Everett, Paige, Cameron, and Sienna, Mags, Emily, Josie, Brook and Brin!  After running the desert relay, they showed the audience 4 kinds of cucumbers: slicer, baby pickling, medium pickling, English ‘burpless’ and Japanese. They cored and sliced a few, and helped make Fresh Mint Vinaigrette.  Triplets Paige, Cameron and Sienna carried out trays of samples and wowed the crowd with expert serving skills. :^)

This super-quick vinaigrette makes excellent refrigerator pickles out of any crunchy veg. A great way to add flavor to mild kohlrabi and tone down the peppery bite of radish.

Fun Fact About Cucumbers #2 :  the internal temperature of a cuke on the vine is on average 20 degrees cooler than the temperature of the exterior. So our metaphor “cool as a cucumber” has a basis in science.


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