“The High Cost of Cheap Food”

For the first time in 200 years, today’s children have a lower life expectancy than their parents.

Unhealthy school lunches are certainly one reason. Here’s another: Most of our food comes from huge factory farms that are government-subsidized to produce food products quickly but not nutritiously. … One in three children today will develop Type 2 diabetes (one in two if they’re black or Hispanic). It’s partly because we aren’t eating diversified foods anymore, and the FDA’s new plans to protect factory farms will ensure that we continue to eat a fairly homogenized diet of refined sugars.

See op-ed “The High Cost of Cheap Food” at Common Dreams.org

This is what calls me to Civic Dietetics (Community Nutrition).


One thought on ““The High Cost of Cheap Food”

  1. Ruth Lundquist


    Thanks for introducing all kinds of veggies to my girls, Izzy and Vivian. For some reason, the same veg presented by me is not nearly as enticing. Izzy blogged about you and making zucchini linguine. she wrote the blog down; email me if you need it. see you next Sunday!



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