Mr Green Bean; honey cream cheese

This past Sunday, Little Locavore focused on fresh green (string) beans, with tastings of  green, yellow and purple, both raw and steamed. Volunteers helped me prep them by snipping off the stems with kids’ scissors.

They mixed local honey from a market vendor with reduced fat cream cheese for taste-testing raw beans plain and with the spread. [I’d eat cardboard with honey cream cheese!]

We featured a new game, “Bean Harvest”. The catch is you can’t use your hands, so it’s like bobbing for apples, except you’re jumping for beans.  😀 

Mr Green Bean and friends

Mr Green Bean and friends

Mr Green Bean debuted, too. Here’s an excerpt of his plaintive song:

It’s not easy, being a green bean,
with all the fancy vegetables here at the market.
I’m not red, like Tomato, or shiny purple like Eggplant,
or — SNIFF — ruffly like Kale. SIGH….

Aunty Oxidant replies:
Green beans taste like summer to me!
You keep me strong and so healthy.
I love you, adore you!
You are straight, like an arrow, tall, like a tree. You are green, and green is beautiful to me.


We also did a “magic” trick: place purple wax beans into very hot water. In a couple minutes, they change color, to green!   Returning volunteer Eric really got the scientific explanation about anthocyanines (which makes plants purple) breaking down and revealing chlorophyll (makes green color) underneath.

Thanks to volunteer Locavores Eric, Tony, Davy, Hannah and her brother, and all those handsome boys!

Next Sunday: Sweet Peppers, pepper puppets and more.


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