This week’s Marinated Salads

This week, my marinated Chopped Salad Club members are receiving:

  • Julienned Kohlrabi in Mint vinegar (amazingly crunchy & refreshing and yes, full of antioxidants and fiber)
  • Bulghur & Quinoa Tabbouleh

You cannot beat tabbouleh! Fresh crisp cukes, sweet juicy tomatoes, mint & parsley, lots of lemon — heaven.  I like combining tabbouleh’s traditional grain, bulghur — for its satisfying chewy texture — with the smoother, lighter and high-protein quinoa grain that is so trendy now.

Here’s a novel idea: share a Chopped Salad Club membership with office mates!  Enjoy prepared healthy lunch, avoid the noon stampede to the strip mall or drive-thru and the temptations therein. Saves gas and time, too.


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