Aunty Oxidant to the rescue

Today at Little Locavores (Mpls Farmers Market), rascally free radicals (ie, adorable kids) ganged up on a poor adult, who was feeling sick and weak. Why didn’t his body’s defenses fight them off? Because he did not eat enough vegetables or fruits, and therefore had no antioxidants to boost his immune system. 

Enter stage left: Aunty Oxidant, who quickly threw a purple bell pepper to Mr Schlumpy. Upon eating said pepper, he immediately felt strong and vigorous, and the free radicals made a hasty retreat. HA! 


 Aunty Oxidant at Mpls Farmers' Market (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

Aunty Oxidant at Mpls Farmers' Market (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

The free radicals, having reformed, helped me make fresh salsa. The kids, aged 5-10, cut up green bell peppers with kids’ scissors and tomatoes and onions with big kitchen shears. They plopped those in the mini-food processor, along with lime, cilantro & garlic and BAM. Super fresh salsa, tasting of summer.

Besides enjoying as a dip, try it as a gazpacho type cold soup. Using fewer tomatoes (less juice), this standard salsa is very similar to the fresh veggie topping on Indian pappadums (Indian tostadas).

Thank you to locavore volunteers Clara, Melissa, Hitanche, Prabun, Ranjit and the others! They were very excited and proud to make this dish nearly all by themselves.


In other news, I made some converts to the Kohlrabi club this past week, at a small reception I catered. Mint vinaigrette (see Recipes) is a lovely way to add zing to these crunchy but rather bland vegetables. 


Creamy Herb Tofu Dressing (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

Creamy Herb Tofu Dressing (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

I also served a vegan, lower-calorie version of new potato salad — bound together by a light creamy herb dressing made with tofu instead of mayonnaise. (See Recipes.) It also had minced celery, kohlrabi, onion, giving a little texture contrast to the creamy potatoes.


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