Kohlrabi Rhymes with Wasabi

 At the Mpls Farmers Market yesterday, Aunty Oxidant sang a duet with Plain Jane Kohlrabi about how beauty and goodness come from the inside.  [Sure, Jane is pale green and has antennae, but she contains much more antioxidant vitamins A & C and minerals than other more colorful vegetables her size. Plus, she can claim the proud heritage of the Cruciferous Clan, that hardy band of guerrilla fighters, reputed to have fought off roving cancerous cell attacks, and, most famously, freed ye old township of Artery from the Siege of Cholesterol.]  

Meanwhile, back at the Market…. Eager and talented volunteers Vivian, Amaya and Marley used kids’ scissors to dice up slices of kohlrabi, while the slightly older Ethan and Isabelle learned to use paring knives in a grid fashion.  

To make the mint vinaigrette, they plucked fresh mint leaves from stems, peeled a smashed garlic clove, poured a cup of white balsamic vinegar into mini-processor, added a pinch of salt, and pulsed for two choruses of “Happy Birthday to Vivian” (whose birthday is on Aug 27th!). Then the sous chefs tossed it with the diced kohlrabi, spooned the lovely green-flecked salad into little paper cups and served it to admiring adults.

[We used white balsamic this time; it’s mellower and less sour than rice vinegar but still fairly sweet and kid-friendly.]

Admiring adults commented “delicious”, “refreshing and tart”, and “0 points in Weight Watchers!!”  ‘Nuff said.

Isabelle and Vivian really liked the plain kohlrabi, in fact. It tastes like a very mild radish and is fun to crunch. Being bland, it will take on the flavor of whatever it accompanies, and, in its raw form, add crunch and a light ‘clean, grassiness’.

TODAY, inspired by how Kohlrabi rhymes with Wasabi, I am going to make yet another version of this salad, this time with kohlrabi, shredded carrot, rice vinegar, garlic, cilantro, and a dab of wasabi paste. I bet this goes really well with smoky grilled meats. I will report on results anon.


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