Heart Disease in a Box

OK, Aunty Oxidant’s first rant (on this blog). Have you seen that Walmart TV ad touting how its biscuit sandwiches provides your family breakfast for “only $2/person” instead of $4/person at a fast food joint? The ad tells you doing this 2x week would save you $600/yr!  Such a smart mom you will be! Such good lessons for your kids!

Yes, mom, I will learn to think I’m saving money by eating super-processed, cheap, unhealthy Heart Disease in a Box “food-like substance” instead of paying more for same saturated-fat laden product at a drive-thru. I will learn to think I’m making smart consumer choices!  I will learn that food comes from the microwave and must be salty & greasy to taste good.

My breakfast of 2 organic free-range eggs & 3 ryekrisp wholegrain crackers = $0.75 ( less if conventionally raised eggs). It took me as much time as nuking something. My other favorite breakfast of oatmeal, fruit and a little soy milk probably costs the same or less.

Hey, I love those biscuit things too, don’t think I don’t. Greasy + salty beckons me like a siren.

But, I’m basically too cheap to eat like that. Or rather, I have taught myself to spend money proportionately on food that gives me more bang for my buck, and yes, on healthful foods — not because I’m ‘supposed to’ but, because I think it tastes and feels better.

All I’m saying is, Do the Math.


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