WTF: Waste of Time and Food

“WTF”  is my response to an article carried by Associated Press on Sep 2, 09,

“Trends: Fast food becomes fancy food on new Web site”.

Erik Trinidad, a Brooklyn resident who buys fast-food dinners, deconstructs them in his kitchen… then puts it back together (a food processor often is involved) to make it look like a gourmet dish.

He has transformed a fried chicken from Popeyes into Spicy Chicken Sushi, Taco Bell burritos into a tortellini dish dubbed Tacobellini and Domino’s veggie pizza into Dao Mi Noh Chow Mein (reducing the Diet Coke to syrup in a wok for the “hoisin sauce”).

AAAARRRGGHH!!!!  What a Waste of Time & Food!

He takes fast food, adds more crap (probably butter, oil, salt) to get… different crap. I understand very well the universal (and severely ignored) need for a fun & creative outlet, but sheesh, find another hobby!

I just don’t get it. It’s just as fun to experiment with real food.


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