School Lunch, Health Care Reform, Food Systems Reform

We can and should make positive incremental changes at home — which is what I am trying to support.  Eventually it does make a difference beyond our own small circle of influence.
INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE is what is required, however, to reach the tipping point of improving health and healthcare.

Schools & hospitals in particular because of their respective missions and heavy impacts, but also because they serve ‘captured’ vulnerable populations who cannot choose real alternatives — even as they are being “educated” to do so on site!!

It has taken 20 years for Recycling to go “mainstream” — and it’s STILL hardly accessible in most public & private institutions or large facilities (another rant).

I don’t want to wait 20+ years for healthy, real- food school lunches in public schools. We need institutional change.  This means supporting public policy debate and reforms. Advocate!

Transforming the Tray: What Kids Eat Means Something

Huffington Post, Sept 11, 2009, Debra Eschmeyer.

The Child Nutrition Act, which expires September 30, determines what more than 30 million children eat at school five days a week, 180 days a year, making school meals a critical entry point for improving children’s health.

Watch “Lunch Encounters of the Third Kind” and “Priceless” videos

Big Food vs. Big Insurance

(NYT Op-ed, Michael Pollan, 09-09-09)

…so far, food system reform has not figured in the national conversation about health care reform. And so the government is poised to go on encouraging America’s fast-food diet with its farm policies even as it takes on added responsibilities for covering the medical costs of that diet.

Food Is Power and the Powerful Are Poisoning Us

Chris Hedges, September 7, 2009,


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