Catching Up

It’s been AGES since I posted last, although of course I’ve been meaning to for months. WHAT have I been doing? Well, quite a bit of catering for birthday bashes,  and providing personal chef services, especially for homes full of out-of-town holiday guests.

I’ve also been busy cooking for the “Salad of the Week” Club and increasing # of clients.  (Yay and thank you!)  Each week I offer two different dishes to choose from — although most people like one quart of each. [Two quarts is the minimum for home/office delivery.]

The most recent dishes :

  • Vegetable Mafe (Senegalese peanut stew): collards, cabbage, red & sweet potatoes in a creamy tomatoey, peanutty sauce with a touch of spice.  Serve hot with any grain pilaf. Millet would be culturally appropriate! Add hot sauce.
  • Black & Green Salad: organic black beans, chewy organic brown rice & crunchy green veg in a cilantro-lime vinaigrette.
  • Moroccan carrots & white beans stew, savory yet sweet. Organic carrots provide all the sugar this dish needs. Serve hot with couscous, rice, crusty bread, etc.
  • Kale & kamut chopped salad in a home-made orange sesame vinaigrette. Kamut is an ancient grain related to wheat (low in gluten) that is very chewy, like wheat berries. May remind you of ‘Alpha Omega’ salads but less sweet.

Everything I cook nowadays is orange or green or both!

At this very minute I am deciding next week’s offerings.  Could include a “samosa casserole”. It’s yellow, not orange. Will post results soon. And I really mean that.


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