Hostess with Samosas

Welcome to new members of the “Dish of the Week Club”, especially Elle and Nancy! This week, Member clients are getting Curried Samosa Pie (potato, turnip, parsnip, peas & TVP in whole wheat crust) and Crunchy Jewel Slaw in a creamy vegan dressing.

Samosa Pie

Savory Samosa Pie with Whole Wheat Crust

The lovely thing about this pie is that you get the delicious curried fillings of northern-style samosa PLUS pastry, but not the calories of a traditionally deep-fried dumpling.

It’s a hearty, sturdy entree, perfect for winter, and freezes well. Serve with optional toppings of yogurt, cilantro or mint paste and spicy mango chutney, with a side of crunchy cruciferous Jewel Slaw.


  • Coaching a men’s group to create a vegetarian meal
  • Catering a fundraiser for Grassroots Leadership featuring performer Si Kahn
  • Catering a fundraiser “Pasta for Puppets” for Magic Lantern Puppet Theater

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