Gingery Roast Sweet Potatoes

This tasty superfood is one of the March 8-15 “Dishes of the Week” (aka “Chopped Salad of the Week”). #2 is Quinoa Veggie Salad in Lemon Mustard Vinaigrette. One dish is dense and soft, the other light and crunchy. Both are vegan, contain lots of fiber and complex carbs and no saturated fats (olive oil only).

The sweet potatoes can be eaten hot or room temp. Right out of the frig is OK too but the flavors will be less apparent. Both dishes are perfect for a brown bag lunch, as they don’t necessarily need to be refrigerated again for several hours.

I also love to microwave sweet potatoes for breakfast — satisfying and fuels you all morning. If you like them mashed, throw chunks in a crockpot overnight with some milk or soymilk, a little brown sugar if you wish. In the morn, they’ll be soft & creamy, and you can mash them easily. No butter necessary.

See previous post for newly reduced fees for Dishes of the Week, delivered to home or office.


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