Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

I practice abstinence in the winter. Garden-fresh produce has now spoiled me, so I restrain myself regarding raw tomatoes and certain other veg until they’re available locally (and are less expensive). Yep, no fresh tomatoes, nada, zip. (I) just say no.

So yes, spring is most definitely in the air, but, local produce is still months away.  SIGH. All the glossy magazines are featuring asparagus, peas, berries, even (oh please). It’s just plain cruel for us in Zone 4.

So, I’m excited about what the local hothouses will be able to provide in April and May.  I’m mulling over menus for upcoming catered events this spring. Asparagus, here we come!

****** Upcoming Dish of the Week  Selections*****

garbanzos w/ veggies in vinaigrette

Garbanzo beans aka chickpeas are called "channa" in India

March 14-20

1)  Channa Chaat (Spiced Indian Chickpea Salad) bursts with spices, cilantro & lime.

2) Coconut Rice
organic brown rice, coconut,  and a little minced greens.

March 21-27

1) Lima Beans with Capers and Sun-dried Tomatoes

2) Creamy Organic Polenta layered with Spinach
Pls specify if you would like polenta without cheese.


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