New Dishes of the Week

Green Enchilada Pie

Vegetarian, low-fat green enchilada pie


******* March 29 – April 4 ********

1) Green Enchilada Pie
Corn tortillas layered with mild chipotle spiced beans, broccoli, corn, peppers, tomatillo sauce and low-fat mozzarella.
[Please notify early if you do not want cheese.]

Carrot, Radish, Jicama & Grapefruit Salad

2) Easter Salad Carrot, Grapefruit, Radish & Jicama Salad in Grapefruit Vinaigrette. Very refreshing and oh so pretty!

******** April 5  – 11 ********

1) Sesame Noodle Salad
Julienned carrots & multi-colored cabbage with a combination of buckwheat soba and whole wheat noodles, tossed in a sesame ginger dressing.

Sesame noodles are a delicious, no-mayo pasta salad (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

If you wish, add shredded chicken, sliced up cold cuts or tempeh, mix together a little sesame oil and a dash of your favorite hot sauce, and toss it together with the noodles.

2) Minted Cucumbers
Garlicky, vinegary and crunchy. Keeps well.

******** April 12 – 18 ********

1) Herbed French Green Lentil Salad
Very simple yet satisfying. French green lentils are denser than the brown variety, so they lend themselves well to salads and tagines more than to soup. Find them at the co-op in the bulk section.

2) 5-grain Rice Pilaf
Five whole grains and two legumes combined in a colorful,chewy and substantial side dish. Invented by my Aunt May thehealth guru and author of “The Tao of Beauty”.


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