Spring Catering

This week I catered a lovely meal for 30 people. Since most were from out-of-town, I featured “local” treats for appetizers (not shown): smoked whitefish from Grand Marais with thinly sliced cukes and two artisanal cheeses from Wisconsin, and local baguettes from the New French Bakery.  Light starters to die for.

You should be salivating by now! Please note that, with the exception of the dessert in left-hand corner, you are ogling a low-fat, high-fiber, no-gluten, no-dairy, very satisfying dinner.

chicken & peppers, beet & lentil salad meal

A flavor-filled spring meal: tossed greens; carrot/jicama/radish salad in grapefruit juice; braised chicken in peppers capers & wine broth; wild & brown rice; roast beet & lentil salad in balsamic; lemon poppyseed pound cake.

To cap this spring menu, local baker and friend Ann Lyons made two light & moist lemon poppy seed pound cakes with macerated strawberries (she’s available to bake for you, too!).

Vegetarian diners enjoyed the cheeses, two salads, an entree of braised tempeh in the same peppers & capers broth (not shown here), rice pilaf, cake & strawberries. Vegan diners enjoyed the same except for cheese and possibly cake.

I get home-crafted tempeh from local entrepreneur (and musician) Ryan B.  His fresh tempeh has a better flavor and texture than store-bought, as you’d expect. Nutty, chewy yet tender; and only $7/lb!  [Contact me if you’d like more info.]


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