Next 3 weeks’ deliveries

Dishes of the Week April 26 – May 2:
1) Millet and Chickpea Pilaf with Tomatoes.
2) Garlicky Swiss Chard and Spinach Saute.

May 3 – 9  Cinco de Mayo (is that too cheesy?) :
1) Baked Stuffed Peppers (Chipotle TVP & barley)
2) Red & Black Bean Salad in Orange Cilantro vin.

May 10 – 16:
1) Miso Ginger Spelt Salad*, w/ local asparagus
2)  Dill White Bean Soup

* all spelt, I promise. Apologies about the Curried Spelt salad last week, which was 2/3 barley b/c I happened to hit the co-op btw spelt deliveries. Still, the Barley rocked. Everybody loved it incl me.


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