Barley at Garlough Elementary

Yesterday Aunty Oxidant demo’d at the annual Earth Day Carnival at Garlough Elementary Magnet school in West St Paul, at terrific environment -focused magnet affiliated with Dodge Nature Center.

tracy yue This time, it was Barley Chopped Salad in a fresh Dill Vinaigrette. Just another variation of the Quinoa salad which is listed on Recipe & Tips page.

Barley is much chewier than quinoa and therefore the salad is both chewy & crunchy. It’s  fun to eat and more satisfying — both in terms of pleasure and of fullness. This greatly helps those of us who are watching portions. It’s also a super food for reducing cholesterol, just like its cousin, Oats.

So try cooked Barley al dente, in a pilaf or a salad, instead of soup. Tip for al dente: use about 1.5 cp water : 1 cp dried barley and boil & simmer just like rice.  After 30 min or so, it will quite chewy and the water should be gone. Take it off stove and fluff.

Pls note, barley contains gluten. If you’re gluten-sensitive, you know you should avoid WORB (wheat, oats, rye, barley). So stick with quinoa, brown/red rice, or buckwheat groats for these salads.


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