Men with Knives

Tracy's cooking class w/ 8 men

My cooking class always starts with knife how-tos. Tools make the wo/man.

As all my good friends know, a top pet peeve is dull knives, quickly followed by bad knives.

Oh, you people who do not sharpen ie maintain a $30 tool that you use everyday!!  You drive me crazy!

Upon my asking, one of these very nice gentlemen pictured here said he sharpened regularly, oh, once a month at least.  Umm, dude. I mean, c’mon, that would be like me not bothering to get a car tune-up for 3 years, despite driving every single day. You’d NEVER do that, would you?  So?

Essential tools are  10″ or 12″  chef’s knives, a Santoku slicer, a couple long skinny sharp (I said sharp) paring knives. A basic dishwasher-safe chef’s knife at the restaurant supply store is less than $20; these are very light and comfortable. You can get a Wusthof wanna-be at Target for $30.  Many people buy a nice $40+ knife and then NEVER SHARPEN it. And they wonder why they don’t cook more often.

You do NOT need a knife block set, which takes up precious counter space and includes useless pieces like those terrible cylindrical ‘sharpeners’ and dull, hurt-your-hand bread knives.  The restaurant supply store has much better ones and for less.

A Chinese cleaver is very useful if you cut up a lot of meat and chickens for BBQ, for instance, or, a lot of hard winter squash.

OK, I’m done. For today.


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