Round the World in 3 Weeks


MAY 16 – 22

1) Minty Greek Garbanzo & Cucumber Salad. Will most definitely have kalamata olives and bell peppers, but, no tomatoes, which make chopped salads too soggy. You can add fresh ones and crumbled feta before serving. Vegan, no gluten.

2) Lemony Asparagus & Potatoes. I get to use my fab new microzester wand. Vegan, no gluten.

MAY 23 –  29

1) Nigerian Kidney Bean Stew. A creamy tomato sauce similar to the popular Mafe sweet potato stew dished up earlier this spring. An occasion to say “unctuous”. I might add tofu. Vegan, contains peanut butter, no gluten.

2) Not Soggy Collards. With lots of garlic and lime to offset aforementioned  unctuousness. Vegan, no gluten.

MAY 30 – JUNE  5

1)  Carrot Salad in Citrus Cinnamon Dressing. Doesn’t that sound divine? Possibly with local peas if they are readily avail at farmers’ market. Vegan, no gluten.

2) “Casual” Persian Rice w/ Lentils & Raisins. A fried rice sort of treatment instead of the elaborate party stunner pictured in all the cookbooks.

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