At your service

Some of you know I provide personal chef services, but, I haven’t written about them yet. Til now.

As I type, a fresh barramundi filet is baking in the oven moistened by a curried mayo, underneath which sweats an organic chicken stuffed with garlic, olives & rosemary, and a pan of sweet potatoes.

As for sides, polenta is bubbling and coconut rice (for the fish) is steaming.  Organic cauliflower will loll in a ginger carrot sauce, asparagus will dance with garlic, briefly & passionately. Goat cheese is idly waiting to get schmeared into chicken crevices.

The recipient of this largesse is a personal chef client who enjoys a food lifestyle completely opposite of my catering and Dish of the Week Club as well as my own!  That is, he eats high-protein, high-fat, low-carb & low-sugar meals with lots of vegetables, particularly cruciferous and non-starchy. That’s the one thing we have in common.

He avoids red meat, pork, and gluten but eats dairy — full fat dairy in fact. The only reason I have butter in the frig is for him!

Most of us cook this way mainly for nice parties and holidays.  So, it’s taken me a while to get used to doing this regularly and in such small quantity (for one person). Of course there is inspiration in every cookbook, magazine and restaurant menu; but also, the mitigating factors of time & energy when you don’t have kitchen slaves to make fabulous sauces for you.

I feel a little bad for him that he cannot really eat legumes and grains, which is my staple. I think he’s missing out. On the other hand….


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