A peck of peppers — and tomatoes, zucchini, basil…

Deciding the coming “Delivered Dish of the Week” menus has been really tough. Too many choices. Local bounty is overflowing — now is the time to can, pickle, stew and freeze.

You can also freeze many vegetables raw, such as tomatoes (whole or chopped), to be cooked later. Then you’ll have that irreplaceable garden-fresh taste in dishes you make in January. If you have enough freezer space, then you can do without the bother of canning.

Once again, I’ve chosen interesting, colorful, nutrient-dense dishes for you to show off at Labor Day holiday potlucks. They’ll nicely complement potato salad, burgers and other BBQ fare.

This Week Aug 16 – 22
1) Basil Polenta. Vegetarian, gluten-free. (Will contain cheese unless you ask otherwise.)
2) Ratatouille with Beans. Vegan, gluten-free.

Fresh peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, parsley

Fresh from the Farmers' Mkt!

Classic French stew of eggplant, tomato & zucchini, plus bell peppers, red beans and fresh herbs. Good room-temp or hot, very satisfying yet low-fat. Enjoy by itself, with polenta (go figure) or any kind of pilaf, pasta and crusty bread; add capers, olives, cheese, hot sauce…go for it!

Aug 23 – 29
1) Indian Dal with Cauliflower & Broccoli. Vegan, gluten-free. A multi-combo split lentil stew, including split yellow and split white (urad dal). Perfect with rice, quinoa, barley or bread.
2) Indian-flavored Slaw with Peanuts. Vegan, gluten-free. A crunchy salad of cabbage, carrots and more, infused with coriander, fenugreek and other fragrant spices.
Aug 30 – Sep 5 (Labor Day Weekend)
1) Collard Greens stir-fried with Red Peppers, Raisins and Almonds. Vegan, gluten-free. The intense sweetness of peppers and raisins contrast with and complement these strong-flavored slightly crunchy greens. Note that fresh collards are not bitter. Simply one of the best collards dish ever! Recipe courtesy of Carol B.
2) Cherry Tomato Edamame Salad. Vegan, gluten-free. My zippier take on a chopped salad from Linden Hills Co-op.

Sept Dishes will include Grilled Eggplant in Sesame Dressing, Roasted Beets, and much more.

To place an order & arrange delivery to your home/office, simply contact me at tracyksyue@yahoo.com. More details on the “Dish of the Week” page.

Next Post: about cow peas and mayo coba beans.


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