1. Organic Brown Rice Pasta by Tinkyada Pasta Joy.  Wheat-free, gluten-free & kosher. I used the lasagna noodles and they were indeed, as the box claims, al dente with excellent texture. I made turkey spinach & lentil lasagna with red sauce for a client today. Check out
  2. Oregano “pistou” (pesto with no nuts) is an excellent way to use up the mass of oregano that is going to seed soon. Can freeze it like pesto. This will appear soon in a stew for Dish of the Week.
  3. Fresh mint dries easily even in the fridge and does not spoil or get mushy like basil can. Snap it up while it’s still at the Farmers’ Markets. Readers of this blog know that I use mint in many dishes and vinaigrettes. Fresh & dried mint and parsley were the main seasonings in this week’s Anatolian Red Lentil Wheat-berry Soup.
  4. Speaking of this soup, I discovered with great chagrin that because the lentils and garbanzos stick to the bottom of the pot, it can burn if you heat it too quickly. It’s supposed to be lemony, herby and mellow, not smoky. UGH. I had to throw out a couple gallons and start over.

This month’s Dishes of the Week will be posted later tonite. I’m definitely doing Succotash or a Corn Chowder to take advantage of the last of the sweet corn. Peppers are still available too.  Butternut curry and roasted brussel sprouts will be featured later in the month as these will be around for a while.


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