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No, I’m not running for political office! (you can thank me later) I am a candidate for the Mississippi Market Co-op Board of Directors. The election is this coming Wed, Oct 20th, during its Annual General Meeting and party at Harriet Island Pavilion (Saint Paul).  If you are a member, please considering voting for me.  Read about the 8 candidates in the current Co-op newsletter. There are 3 open seats.
You can vote by filling in a ballot at either of its two stores; by mailing it in. Deadline is Wed Oct 20th. Thanks for your consideration!
I’ve been neglecting this blog again. Highlights of this past few weeks:
  • Catered 2 intimate dinners, a 25-person cocktail reception, 2 vegetarian meals for 50 and 65 people respectively, and a 70-person reception for the National Lutheran Choir’s 25th season opener. (No jello was served.)
  • Finished up my personal chef gig with a certain ballplayer. No post-season for me either. Damn those Yankees!
  • DDoW last week: #1 Gingery Lentils with Roasted Carrot & Kale and #2 Polenta. The fact that #1 was very low-fat off-set the butter & cheese in the Polenta. A client asked how to make such creamy polenta. I use Bittman’s instructions. The key is to cook it slowly for an hour +.
IMPORTANT NEWS: I’m going out of town for 10 days starting Oct 26th. Delivered Dish of the Week (DD0W) will be delivered Sun Oct 24th & Mon Oct 25th instead of mid-week. Orders for Oct 24-25 must be received by Fri Oct 22. There’ll be no DDoW during Nov 1 – 7. Schedules revert to normal for Nov 8th – 14th. I’ll send out email alerts per usual on Nov 4th.


Samosa Pie

Savory Samosa Pie with Whole Wheat Crust




Oct 18 – 23
1) Samosa Pie. Curried cauliflower, potatoes, veg and mung beans in a whole-wheat crust. Note this will come in a quart-sized loaf pan, with a side of mint yogurt sauce. Gluten-free crust if you notify me ASAP. [Crust contains butter.]

2) Jewel Slaw. Vegan, gluten-free. A kaleidoscope of crunchy cabbage in a very low-fat cilantro vinaigrette.


Oct 24 – 25 (order by Oct 22 Friday!)
1) Sun-dried Tomato White Bean Cassoulet with seasonal veg. Vegan, gluten-free.  “Cassoulet” is a braised stew with less sauce and firmer textures than traditional ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ type stew. It’s what happens when you add too much water to stir-fry and forget about it for awhile.

2) Millet “Risotto” with Shitake Mushrooms, Rosemary & Sage. Vegan, gluten-free. Deborah Madison named her millet dish “risotto” despite the lack of cheese, so I’m calling it that too. Perhaps “hot dish” would be more accurate, such as “wild rice hot dish”, but, you’ve got to agree it doesn’t sound as good. Hey, tuna mushroom risotto has a nice ring to it!

Nov 1 – 7  NO DELIVERIES (on vacation)

Nov 8 – 14 (order by Nov 8th Monday, as usual)

1) Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Vegan, gluten-free.

2) Butternut Squash & Garbanzo Beans in Thai Coconut Curry. Vegan, gluten-free. Yummy comfort food. I have found that its spiciness fades after one day, so if you like it spicy you’ll have to add more green or red Tabasco, habanero, Sriracha…and don’t forget a squeeze of lime on top.

~~ More menus coming soon, including Posole (Hominy & Peppers Stew), Green Barley and a possible noodle dish. Not a tuna noodle dish.


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