Cornucopia of Comforting Corn Dishes

Ahh, the first snowfall of the season and a doozy at that! We awoke to a world seemingly dipped in whipped cream. Heavy, nearly clotted cream, in fact. And thus the season of serious tea drinking commences. How appropriate, then, is my choice of the Delivered Dish of the Week, Posole, which I have been promising for a few weeks. What is better on a wet wintry day than a spicy tomatoey soup?

Posole is a Mexican stew of posole corn (dried field corn), pureed peppers, onion, etc (traditionally with pork or chicken) served with shredded raw cabbage, sliced radishes & fresh cilantro on top. Posole corn is hard to find, so whole kernel hominy is usually used. Hominy is whole corn whose hull and germ have been removed by soaking in a weak lye solution, then beating it and drying. This process preserves corn for later use. (A modern factory method is to boil in dilute sodium hydroxide then put through rotating cylinders with running water.)

Hominy comes in cans or frozen and looks like giant, swollen, white kernels of corn, and has a nice chewy texture.   FYI, “grits”, also known as “hominy grits”, is dried hominy kernels stone-ground & sifted.

Without the hull, hominy has less fiber but, in some ways is more nutritious than plain old corn, including having more easily absorbable niacin and more calcium.  And it’s still good carbs.

Continuing the ‘cornucopia’ of corny comfort foods is Corn & Quinoa Pudding for Thanksgiving and Corn & Sweet Potato Casserole in December.


1)  Posole Stew with Hominy, Peppers, Collard Greens, Cilantro, Cabbage. Vegan, gluten-free. Mildly spicy. Top with squeeze of lime & hot sauce and serve with rice, quesadilla, corn bread, a tamale, or, #2 Dish below.

2) Black Bean & Wheat Berry Salad with Carrots & Radish. Vegan. Hearty entree or side. Do notice how these two high-fiber, cholesterol-lowering dishes are prepping you for the excesses of the following week. ;^)


1) Roasted Beet & Lentil Salad in Balsamic Vinaigrette. Vegan, gluten-free. I’m offering this again (last time was July 4th) b/c it is the perfect holiday dish, both gorgeous and tasty — plus it caters to vegans. Its sweet-sour-earthy flavors & textures especially complement traditional American Thanksgiving menus.

2) Sweet Corn & Quinoa PuddingNo gluten, but, has dairy. Another great side dish for holiday tables. [Whatever. You had me at ‘pudding’.]

NOV 29 – DEC 5
No deliveries. I will be on a short out-of-town family vacation.

DEC 6 – 12
TBA. I’m wanting spicy exotic flavors to contrast with upcoming traditional American holiday fare.  So, possibly Jamaican stew and ‘green’ barley made with minced kale.


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