Gimme an “S”! Gimme a “P”!

Ok, two recent but unrelated items which I’m going to link together: Dr Oz’ claim to fame and a Swedish study about the effects of high calcium intake on women.

On Oprah’s star-studded farewell extravaganza held in a Chicago sports arena, her proteges such as Dr Oz, Dr Phil and Nat Berkson came out quoting their own most memorable advice. Dr Oz ran out onto the stage and said, “Oprah, just remember the S-shaped poop.” This sign of a heart-healthy diet was a big revelation to Oprah and she wants you to never forget it.

Brief points from NPR’s All Things Considered on Wed, “Extra Calcium May Not Do Older Women Much Good”: ”A huge study in the British Medical Journal, which followed 61,000 Swedish women for 19 years, found that their bones got no benefit when they consumed more than 750 milligrams of calcium a day…. In the USA, 1200 mg/day is the most oft-quoted recommendation. NPR: “Still, that doesn’t mean that women need 1,200 milligrams from supplements, Manson says. “On average, 700 milligrams a day would come from diet.” That’s also about what the Swedish women, who are big consumers of sour milk and other dairy products, get from food. So most American women are getting as much as the Swedish study recommended without taking any calcium supplements.”

For your reference, 1/2 cp servings of the following and their calcium amts (Ca): boiled navy beans 64 mg, black-eyed peas 106 mg, soybeans (edamame) 131 mg. Raw carrots, 20mg, raw shredded cabbage 33 mg, boiled fresh collard greens 133 mg, chopped frozen collard greens a whopping 179 mg. 1 oz of cheddar 192 mg, 1 cp of plain non-fat yogurt 488 mg; 1 cp soy milk or goat milk is 300 mg.

What is my point? That eating lots of legumes and veggies automatically produces the crucial S-shaped poop AND fills the daily calcium recommendation, even without cow milk products. 


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