Rainbow chard growing in garden

Gorgeous Rainbow Chard from Reimann Family farm.

“Do the locavore” is a song I sang to open my farmers’ market show & demo “Little Locavores”. Adapted from “Do the Locomotion”. Very catchy!

Now that local veggies are in, I’m doin’ the locavore and buying from farmers like Reimann Family Farm in St Francis. I also hope to buy produce from youth-run community gardens.

     “This year’s chard is the best I’ve seen,” says Chris Gamm of Reimann. Chris has grown organic veggies for years and until this year ran a small CSA, as well as being employed at the Arboreteum. So her veggies are indeed the fruits of a labor of love. Lucky us!

Fireworks Salad: a very healthful tasty salad of red wheat berries or red rice, diced rainbow chard stalks, radishes, red bell peppers, green onions, marinated in a simple herb vinaigrette. Keeps forever, great for outdoors. Vegan!

I bought 8 lbs fresh chard, more than was needed for this week’s Fireworks Wheatberry Salad (photo left). So I will blanch, freeze and include it in next week’s veg fricassee. Meanwhile I get to enjoy garlicky sauteed chard, a favorite of mine! It’s a Chinese thing, greens. Ate them every single day when I lived in Hong Kong. There are more varieties in Asia than here.

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