Get Your Beet Down to The Farmers’ Market, Already!

The Farmers’ Markets have all sorts of lovely veg now, even beets, which usually are abundant Sep – Nov. Some people like me are huge fans, while some have an aversion. I suspect this aversion is due to an unpleasant childhood incident involving Canned Beets, which are NOTHING like roasted, steamed or raw beets. Pickled beets are also very different — how similar is eating a dill pickle to eating a cucumber?

The prettiest slaw you've EVER seen! Firecracker Slaw = raw shredded beets, carrots, purple cabbage and apples in a chipotle vinaigrette.

Raw beets are surprisingly palatable. They taste similar to raw carrots: sweet but more earthy and a little less crunchy. Like carrots, you can slice them for veggie platters, or grate and toss with a green or chopped salad or slaw. The Firecracker Slaw here, which was the Delivered Dish this past week, is getting RAVES. Most people won’t even notice there are raw beets, partly b/c the smoky spicy chipotle vinaigrette is earthy too.

My point is, sometimes you will really like a vegetable prepared in a certain way but not in others.  Don’t act with prejudice and abhor the entirety of a vegetable based on one experience. Try it cooked, raw, pureed, with sauce or dressing, etc. Most kids LOVE beets, especially young ones who haven’t yet been influenced by judgemental adults making nasty faces.  Ahem!

Plus, beets are a Super Food, full of antioxidants such as Vitamin A — nearly as high in quantity as that of the almighty carrot, and with 6x as much iron.  Women, please take note. This plus plenty of fiber means it’s an immune-boosting, cancer & cholesterol-fightin’ food (pls refer to previous post about “S-shaped poop”). Yes, garden beets are higher in sugar and calories than some root vegetables, so people with diabetes should eat small amounts. But, it’s sugar in its natural form, not processed, so enjoy it guilt-free.

We are lucky that beets are available from now til winter. Get to know them. Get to love them. Get your butt to the market, people.



New topic: My Favorite Things.

I love diamond-edged sharpeners and found this one @ IKEA for around $15.

Oprah has hers and I have mine. Mine are much, much, much cheaper.  Here’s one:

Diamond Edged Knife Sharpener. This is a flattened oval tube of fine-grit metal for everyday sharpening. Vastly superior to those round tube coarse-grit sharpeners. Use those clunkers in the garden for stakes but NOT in the kitchen. Why? The flattened shape offers more sharpening surface. The fine-edged grit is better, the way that fine sandpaper is better than coarse sandpaper.

I found this one (pictured at right) at IKEA for around $15.00. The ones at restaurant supply stores are longer, to sharpen a variety of long knives and cost $20-25. I don’t like to go anywhere without mine. Seriously, I actually packed it on a trip to a friend’s whom I knew never sharpened her knives.

These IKEA chef’s knives looked pretty good too, very solid.



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