Fabulous Summer Luncheon

Hilda with a plate full of summer goodness.

My week on Maine’s Peaks Island was a wonderful reunion of close friends and their families. We went to the rocky beaches, braved the frigid waters, biked around the small island, played Apples to Apples, and of course cooked and ate together. We enjoyed grilled haddock so delicate and fresh it melted in our mouths. Jean made fresh light biscuits for a divine strawberry shortcake.

Here are photos of an especially lovely luncheon that we served friends and family.

  • watermelon feta salad in radicchio cups
  • grilled Maine swordfish & tuna / tofu kabobs marinated in an orange ginger sesame sauce or a cilantro tomatillo salsa
  • jewel cabbage slaw in vinaigrette
  • Thai noodle “laab” salad with TVP (instead of ground pork)
Jean’s mom brought home-made pound cake and we made a quick apple-nectarine compote to top it. She had also given us 3 dozen beautiful organic eggs from her chickens. :^)
I brought from Minnesota a packet of powdered Thai “Laab” seasoning (Asian grocery store) and a pound of TVP (co-op bulk aisle). I marinated the TVP in water mixed with the seasoning packet, made spaghetti, and chopped up whatever veg was in the frig (carrots, celery, cilantro, onions). I mixed up a simple Asian vinaigrette from sesame oil, rice vinegar, a little soy sauce and plenty of lime juice. Then I tossed everything together. The result was a perfect cold pasta which tasted even better the next day.
The rental house was terrific but curiously (at least to me), it came with copper pots (ooh ahh) but very thin oven mitts — which meant frequent “ouches” and stronger expletives when touching the burning-hot handles. One doesn’t expect this when making oatmeal for breakfast. So of course, as a thank you, I’m sending the owners silicone-coated long oven mitts from the restaurant supply store. 😀


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