Out and About

I gave 2 presentations recently to students about my experiences and small business.

First one was to graduate students in the Masters of Public Health program at the U about creating food & nutrition demos for adults and kids. The key is not to overwhelm your audience with info and to make it as interactive and demonstrative as possible. Thus the Antioxidant skit which I created 2 years ago for my cooking demo show at the Mpls Farmers Market, and reprise with kids where ever I demo.

Miles the Cabbage Farmer demos how Antioxidants work in your body.

Using volunteers, I pit “Free radicals” in black hats against “Antioxidants” in green & orange hats. The Antioxidants, literally your “body” guards —  must protect the Sick Person but since s/he is not eating enough fruits & vegetables, their numbers are few and they cannot stop the Free Radicals from storming the castle. Oh, what to do? Don’t worry, there is a happy ending. Guess what? Kids totally get it! Adults, too.

The second presentation took place last Thu to new students at Normandale Comm. College’s Dietetic Technology program,  of which I am an alum. I spoke about my business mission, the 4 services I offer (see below), and how my dietetic background helps me teach people about nutrition in the real world.

Naturally, these presentations included samples of healthful foods. Firecracker Salad wowed the grad students. I gave out Cuke & Daikon Salad in Orange-Tahini Dressing at Normandale, as well as plain wheatberries.


1)  Delivered Dish of the Week. 2 vegetarian dishes delivered to your home or office, different every week.

2) Catering. Specializing (but not limited to) vegetarian, gluten-free and/or dairy-free.

3) Cooking Coaching. Private lessons and support to change a healthier food lifestyle.

4) Presentations and Demos.  Have food demo, will travel. I go to community health & wellness fairs, schools, farmers markets, pro-sustainability eco events, fundraisers, girl scout troops, etc.


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