Farmers Markets on weekends only

I am seriously bumming that the weekday metro Farmers Markets are all done for the season as of this week. And my favorite, St Paul Farmers Market in Lowertown (weekends only), closes Nov 15th! Aiiyeee!  But the Mpls market on North Lyndale is open daily 6am – 1pm til Dec 25th. The variety of produce available is dwindling fast. But for now, there are lots of herbs, hardy greens (kale, collards, brussel sprouts, cabbage), carrots and other root veg, a dizzying variety of hard squash, locally produced meats & eggs, and packaged foods.

Here’s a link to a nice video “Meet the Vendors of Mpls Farmers Market”.

Brussel Sprout plants

So get over there and take advantage of fresh & local produce while you still can! It tastes better and is also less expensive than the grocery store’s. The squash will keep til Thanksgiving. Chop & blanch a big batch of greens, freeze, and pull out for your holiday cooking. If brussel sprouts are a staple at your holiday table, you’ll save a lot of $. Those are so pricey at the grocery store at holiday time and it seems everybody just has to have them.

Speaking of sprouts, my dear friend and fellow caterer Jason made Roasted Brussel Sprouts w/ Shallots and threw in minced fresh mint before serving. The mint was a lovely addition. Try it!




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