Caveman Classics

In response to requests, I’ve decided to offer, on a trial basis, a meat & veg dish for DDoW that complies with the “Paleolithic” aka “Primal” or “caveman” diet. This regimen emphasizes intakes of moderate protein & fat and high vegetable & fruits and excludes many carbohydrates, ie grains and sugar. Some people exclude dairy and beans/legumes as well. What you can eat is meat, vegetables, tubers, nuts, seeds and fruit. 

A few staples of a Paleo / Primal diet. This photo is missing greens, so imagine a giant bunch of kale here.

Here’s a link to one of the gurus of Paleo, Mark Sisson. See also a hilarious and well-done illustrated guide.

Guess what? By avoiding grains & sugar, you automatically avoid most processed foods. That in itself is an achievement. Many athletes such as Lance Armstrong follow this regimen, and so did the professional ball player I used to cook for. A Paleo-type diet is also beneficial for meat-eaters with common food allergies such as gluten, dairy and soy.

NOTE: No one diet is for every body. You have to find that which suits your own body the best!

So, in addition to my regular vegetarian dishes, I will be making small batch dishes of organic, mostly local, meats. Think stews, curries and pot roasts. I will make only a limited amount. These will cost more than regular DDoW fare and prices will probably change from dish to dish, since organic meat prices vary for chicken, pork and beef. 

ORDERING PALEO: The weekly deadline for Paleo dishes will be SAT NOON, instead of the regular Sun 6pm cut-off. But, since I’m making only limited quantities and, there seems to be a lot of interest, you are advised to order well in advance of Sat. Weeks ahead is fine, in fact. This will help me plan quantities and accommodate you. I will notify you if you are unlucky and/or I’m sold out.

Coq au Vin (Chicken Stewed in Red Wine)

We start this week! Caveman Classics for December:

1) Coq au Vin

2) Dad’s Oxtail Soup  

3) Cuban Pork Pot Roast  

4) 5-Spice Beef Stew

See Dish of the Week Menu Archive for descriptions of all DDoW meat and vegetarian dishes in December.


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