Church Basement Ladies Beware

Sorry,  no beige food on Dec’s menu — or ever — and the flavors are amped up, so beware, church basement ladies (CBLs), beware!  Get thee hence! Image of me holding a wreath of garlic, warding off plaid-aproned zombies clutching cans of cream of mushroom soup…. (Pls note I myself am a “church lady” so I am not castigating CBLs universally.)
And, if they would try them, I think even Lutherans would like the modesty of the mild, nutty black-eyed pea (legume) that was featured last week. But naturally I added  sauteed fresh turnip greens and a heckuva lot of garlic. You can use frozen turnip (or any) greens too, but it won’t have the slightly crisp texture as sauteed.

"Cuban" Pork Pot Roast (green olives, sweet peppers, carrots). Incredible sauce.

I’m having fun coming up with super-flavorful “Paleo” meat dishes, like the Cuban Pork Pot Roast pictured below, the Oxtail Soup and the Coq au Vin from previous weeks. Slow-cooked meats are such a comfort, and the broths / sauces produced are life-giving. You must use meat with bones for the stock to be flavorful and nutritious; and the meat will be more tender as well.
I am likely going to serve this Pork Roast for an upcoming family celebration that I am catering after Xmas. The client likes Mexican flavors. Ideas include: Roast Sweet Potatoes w/ lime, Cilantro Rice, Cuke Jicama & Fennel Salad, Mini-Tamales, Corn Quinoa Casserole w/ Queso Blanco.
Notice this menu is gluten-free! 
More news and menus will be posted soon!

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