Jan – Feb Menus

Jan 15 – 21
1) Green Tamale Casserole. Vegan, gluten-free. You asked and you shall receive! The most popular dish of Fall 2011 is back. Presented in a foil loaf pan, this layers beans & chopped kale stewed in a tomatillo sauce with steamed corn tamale dough made from Bob’s Red Mill organic masa flour. Kid-friendly. Add a little cheese on top when reheating if you wish. Keeps and freezes well.

2) Colorful Cabbage Slaw in Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette. Vegan, gluten-free. A crunchy, satisfying raw salad that is perfect with tamales, soup, meats, beans and especially in tacos & burritos. Eat a cup or more a day to keep the doctor away. You can also mix it with plain rice or quinoa for a piquant pilaf, or, throw it in ramen/pho or tom yung gang soup.

Jan 22 – 28
1) Mafe Stew with Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Red Beans. Vegan, gluten-free; contains peanuts. Mafe is a delicious West African dish made with tomato sauce & peanut butter (called ground nuts). Sounds funny but the nut butter adds richness and balances the acidity of tomatoes, as do the sweet potatoes. It just tastes like a creamy tomato sauce. Kids love it. Addictive and extremely comforting.

2) Mafe w/ Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and Kale. Gluten-free. This dish fits the Paleo diet profile, substituting chicken for beans.

3) Millet with Caramelized Onions & Carrots. Vegan, gluten-free. Millet is dry and bland all by itself, so I like to make it with soft moist veggies. It will continue to dry out in the refrigerator, so sprinkle a little water each time you reheat. A very mild dish that kids might like.

Jan 29 – Feb 4
1) Curried Barley Salad with Cranberries & Coconut. Vegan; contains gluten. A very popular catering dish that gets better as it sits. Chewy satisfying barley is wonderful in grain salads, especially with chopped crunchy veggies. Not spicy.

2) Mulligatawny Lentil Soup. Vegan, gluten-free. A slight twist on the classic Anglo-Indian curried soup that has apples, lots of veg and fresh parsley. Both of this week’s dishes have ‘curry’ spices — guess what I’m craving — but I will make them different enough. Add sliced almonds or almond butter for a fancy touch.

Feb 5 – 11
1) Garbanzo Thai Coconut Curry. Vegan; Masaman curry paste contains gluten so pls notify far in advance if you want a gluten-free green curry instead. With greens and some squash, this is a very comforting one-pot meal w/ rice. Mildly spicy.

2) Laab TVP Salad. Vegan, gluten-free; contains soy. Same as the Laab Noodle Salad served this summer but without noodles. Just lots of crunchy raw veg like cabbage & radishes layered with marinated TVP in a bright, Thai, lime-juice dressing. Will have a bit of Thai-pepper kick.


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