Greens & Beans

The next step in creating more variations on Greens is to combine them with Beans. Any kind of cooked beans. A basic greens & beans dish all by itself is a very satisfying meal that’s simple & cheap to make, and nutritious too. Then you can add stuff and get many different sorts of dishes. Plus, notice all the variations I mention below are Vegan and Gluten-free.

Use canned beans and frozen greens or start with dried beans & fresh veg if you wish and if you have the time. Always saute lots of onions & garlic, no matter the particular type of green or bean.

Basic beans w/ chopped greens. Pictured are pinto beans in tomatillo sauce, and par-boiled chopped collard greens.

Tamale Casserole filled with Beans & Greens in Tomatillo Sauce

The pinto beans & collard greens pictured here on left is the base I used for this Tamale Casserole — actually a pot pie with tamale dough instead of crust. To that pot I had added ground cumin & coriander and cans of crushed tomatillos. I used that as a filling for said pot pie, burritos, quesadillas etc, as well as eating it just plain.

For tamale pot pie: Make tamale dough according to instructions. Press dough into bottom of a pan, add generous scoops of greens & beans, and top with another layer of dough. Smooth the layer. Place the pan in a bigger, high-sided pan, fill it with an inch of water (water bath method), cover larger pan with foil and bake at 375F for 45 min. Or, like the traditional tamale, you can steam small containers in a big wide stockpot for 45 min.





Plop 2 eggs on top, for a soft scramble. Excellent way to start the day.

I also love to combine Greens, Beans and Eggs. It’s a super quick meal, with good protein. Unlike an omelet, which is mostly egg and very little veg, I make soft scrambles. Higher egg to vegg/bean ratio, and easier to cook anyway. I also no longer feel the desire to eat toast or any simple carbs with this, b/c the beans are filling. Complex carbs like beans is exactly what you should eat at the start of the day, when you need stamina.

Another variation of Greens & Beans is Tuscan White Beans w/ Chard, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Broccoli, pictured below before I tossed it all together. The Rainbow Chard leaves are dark greens while its stalks are pinky red & yellow, flecked by bits of minced sun-dried tomatoes. I also seasoned this with dried rosemary.

The Tuscan Beans & Greens was last week’s Delivered Dish of the Week. What’s left has now become a part of and eggplant bake and a chicken stew. 2 more variations!

Tuscan white beans, swiss chard and broccoli flavored with sun-dried tomatoes and rosemary.


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