Eatin’ O’ the Green

The menu next week is a nod to this upcoming cultural celebration. These dishes will go very well with Northern European flavors (yes, they have flavors).
Corned beef (meaning brined) is extremely lean, tasty, and great both cold & hot. Unfortunately I’ve discovered that home-made nitrate-free corned beef takes 10 days to brine and 1 to cook, which means I can’t procure organic brisket and make it in time for St Patrick’s Day. If you’d be interested in this age-old dish, I can try to get brisket from Anderson Farms (Wisconsin) in early April. Please let me know!
Mar 11 – 17

1)  Parsnip, Celery & Parsley Soup. Vegan & Gluten-free. A pretty green soup for St Patrick’s Day. Low-fat and high-fiber too. Serve with horseradish-dressed slaw.

2) Barley, Lentil & Mushroom Pilaf. Vegan; contains gluten.

3) PALEO: Beef Pot Roast. Gluten-free. With carrots etc. Pls specify conventionally raised ($14/quart) or free-range ($18/quart). I have only 3 small roasts from Anderson Farms, which will go fast, so do order in advance. 

Mar 18 – 24
1) Kale & Yam Soup. Vegan and Gluten-free. Another green soup, and, count ’em, 2 Super Foods in a bowl. Flavored with sage & caramelized onions, this is from the “Love Soup” cookbook. The author recommends Japanese yams which are particularly sweet & fragrant.  

2) Chipotle Black Bean Salad. Vegan and Gluten-free. With veg per usual and a smoky, slightly spicy vinaigrette, just like the one for Firecracker Slaw. Maybe I’ll throw in some Craisins.

Mar 25 – 31   
1) Mexican Posole w/ Hominy & Beans.  Vegan and Gluten-free. Posole is a terrific pepper-based soup with hominy, to which I’m adding beans for protein. Medium spicy. Absolutely life-giving on a wet day.
2) Cabbage, Radish & Arugula Slaw w/ Lime Cilantro VinaigretteVegan and Gluten-free. This salad is the traditional ‘garnish’ for posole; although the addition of arugula I picked up from a recent meal at Chef Rick Bayless’ cheap & cheerful Xoco diner in Chicago. I would eat there everyday if I could.

3) Posole with Pork. Gluten-free. In this version, hominy takes a back seat for you low-carbers. Pls specify conventionally raised ($14/quart) or free-range pork ($18/quart). Limited quantities available. 

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