Spontaneous Combinations

About this Parsnip & Celery Soup I’m making. I didn’t find a recipe that was perfect (ie dairy-free) after looking online for 5 minutes, so I am combining two similar soup recipes. I wanted to combine these two veggies b/c they seem compatible and seasonal. Like other root veg, parsnips shrink when cooked, so I also needed to stretch them. Another good reason is b/c one has starch and the other has fiber.

One recipe is Parsnip Soup w/ Leeks & Parsley. The other is Celery & Parsnip Soup with Green Onion & Dill Matzo Balls.

These recipes follow a basic formula for making soup: saute, boil, puree. That’s why I know I can combine them. To customize, I’m skipping the leeks and matzo balls — so it’s a gluten-free soup — and retaining the parsley coulis. I’m substituting olive oil for butter, and not using cream.

Let me know what you think!

Once you know a basic formula, try combining two ingredients you have on hand but don’t usually use in that dish together. The more you try this, the more confident you’ll feel. And you may discover a new favorite.


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