Crocus but not Asparagus

Okay, Okay, spring is here. I have stopped resisting it. Unfortunately, that does not mean spring vegetables are here in Zone 4, despite how it feels like they should. Besides, as my clients know, I do not include ‘spring’ veggies in DDoW menus until they are more abundant (and cheaper) at local farmers’  markets. Perhaps May will be the new June? For the time being, we’re relegated to eating veggies from far away, and you’ll still see ‘winter’ veg in DDoW menus.
Catering clients, on the other hand, will see more “springy” food choices from me. Why? Because in smaller quantities these more expensive ingredients are feasible. Speaking of catering, I am getting spring & summer bookings for fundraisers and parties (graduations, showers, weddings, anniversaries et al). If you’re thinking of hosting a gathering and would like to explore the possibility of having it catered, do contact me!  I do partial and full catering. Just think of how nice it would be if you didn’t have to spend 2 days shopping, prepping, and dealing with the aftermath!
This photo shows a lovely dinner I catered last year. FYI, I am working on a new Catering page (finally) with sample menus and service descriptions. But in the meantime, just email me.
Meal of braised chicken with peppers & capers, brown rice, beet lentil salad

A flavor-filled dinner: tossed salad with carrot/jicama/radish/grapefruit, braised chicken in capers peppers & wine, brown & wild rice, roast beet & lentil salad in balsamic vinagrette; and lemon poppyseed pound cake with strawberries.

Alert: DDoW is taking spring break the first week of April.  No deliveries. 

Firecracker Slaw: the prettiest slaw you've EVER seen!

Other Events & News: 
  • In my “Aunty Oxidant” cabbage hat, I handed out lots of “Firecracker Slaw Shooters” (beets & carrots in smoky chipotle vinaigrette) this past Thu at the League of Women Voters’ Healthy Legacy Forum “Growing Our Local Food Economy”, and met lots of cool folks. As usual, mine was the only superfood on the plate but that’s partly because I bypassed the ‘finger-food’ suggestion and made a salad instead. Hence, the ‘slaw shooters’ in little sample cups. 


  • This week I’m teaching a class for residents of Next Step Housing, run by Ascension Place transitional housing for women based in North Mpls. We’ll make easy healthful foods that stretch the budget!
  • For Earth Day I’ll be heading a team of volunteer sous-chefs to make lots of fresh healthful chopped salads for an event titled “Harvesting Justice”, which will focus on the links between our food economy and immigration i.e. migrant workers. 
For more newsflashes about my catering, teaching & demo activities plus food/ nutrition/ sustainability issues & opinions, check out or follow me on Twitter @onedishatatime. I don’t tweet often so rest assured. :^)

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