More April Menus

Here are the menus for next 2 weeks’ Delivered Dish of the Week.
April 15 – 21

1) Gingery Lentil & Carrot Stew. Vegan and gluten-free. A vegetarian staple, to which I will add “ajwain”, an interesting Indian spice that smells like thyme. See previous blog posting “Trying New Spices”.
2) Cumin-scented Kasha Pilaf with Cabbage & Spiced Walnuts.  Vegan and gluten-free. Kasha aka Buckwheat Groats, the whole grain of buckwheat, is NOT related to wheat. It’s an earthy nutty grain with a texture similar to soft brown rice. I discovered it is excellent in a highly spiced Indian-style pilaf with cayenne-dusted walnuts. One particular client who has gluten and other intolerance loves this dish and orders 3 quarts at a time! 

1) Kamut & Veggie Salad in Orange Mint Vinaigrette. Vegan; does contain small amount of gluten. Kamut, like spelt, is an ancient, un-hybridized grain related to wheat. Like spelt, it contains less gluten than wheat. Kamut is wonderfully chewy and therefore terrific in salads. 
2) Simple White Bean Soup with Tarragon. Vegan and Gluten-free. A soupy stew or a thick soup, take your pick. Either way, it will be very comforting, and flavored with the classic mire poix of slow-simmered carrots, celery & onions. I’ll add garnish bags of arugula!  It will thicken as it sits, so you may want to add a little water when you reheat. 

Coming Soon: Garbanzo Bean & Kale Salad in Tahini Dressing; Split Pea Spinach & Fennel Soup; Chicken & Parsnips; something spicy for Cinco de Mayo.  See all past menus on Dish Archive page!

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