Earth Day Dinner De-brief

Wednesday was a whirlwind, with two special events back to back — and extra deliveries on Tues to compensate. In the morning, at the Active Aging Info Fair held by Inver Grove Heights Community Center, I handed out last week’s DDoW, Kamut Salad in Orange Mint Vinaigrette, to all sorts of people, and had my Whole Grains & Beans Kit on display. This is a compartmental craft box that I’ve filled with 40 kinds of dried whole grains and legumes, instead of nails or beads. It’s useful to see what the dried stuff looks like, esp if you want to go find & buy. FYI, I’ll be teaching a couple classes at IGH this summer. 

Then I packed up my demo and went to cook the Earth Day dinner I mentioned last week, for 50 eco-minded folks, at First Universalist Church in Mpls. Kind volunteers peeled and chopped half a peck of parsnips for the Parsnip Celery Parsley soup. I added some white beans for protein and pureed ginger for zing. We ended up not pureeing it as planned (using an immersion blender on such a large quantity takes a good 30 min), and it was just fine. Parsnips are even sweeter than carrots. The soup was a bit too sweet, in fact. Next time I’d add chopped kale and potatoes or turnips for counter-balance.
We made croutons w/ left-over frozen wheat bread for the soup; gluten-free crackers were also on table. Fresh croutons, very nice!
tracy yue

“Aunty Oxidant” demos fresh raw salads.

Then, when attendees arrived, I presented a brief Aunty Oxidant demo and got the assistance of a third-grader and a teen. I demo’d Beet & Carrot Slaw in Balsamic Vinaigrette — just like my go-to Firecracker Slaw but with a Balsamic instead of a Chipotle Vinaigrette. The girls chopped up the fresh beet greens to add to this salad-vaganza. 

Then, for another salad, I combined more White Beans, assorted fresh veggies and Orange Mint Vinaigrette. See how this mix & match approach works? You get more variety and efficiencies. 
Another organization donated a huge almond cake remaining from another party, so of course, we took it. Waste not!  This meant I had to make only one small gluten-free chocolate cake (from mix). I also served Vegan Chocolate Pudding (from mix, w/ silken tofu base) and Organic Coconut Date Rolls, to cover the no-dairy no-soy base. This sounds like a lot of work, but these terrific mixes make it a snap. OK, maybe that was one dessert too many, but, is there really such a thing?
FYI, I use Simply Organic brand GF cake mix (both the Yellow and the Devil’s Food Chocolate are excellent) and Mori-Nu brand vegan chocolate pudding mix w/ Mori-Nu silken tofu. I order the addictive coconut-date rolls and I think you can buy them retail from the co-ops. Lovely as a snack and as dessert. 

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