Demo Dates at Farmers Markets

NEWS FLASH:  Delivered Dish of the Week service is on hiatus for the time being, most likely til end June. I’m figuring out a move to a better professional kitchen and taking a family vacation. Both have been long awaited, and both are just in time.

The kitchen prospect is very exciting!  Even just the storage prospect is pretty thrilling. And, oh boy, bigger convection ovens and multiple gas ranges!

I’ll have more news soon. DDoW will resume in time for our wonderful local growing season. In the meantime, your homework is to make 4 different vinaigrettes for all the lovely spring greens cropping up. See Recipe page, and try some combos of your own.

Market Demo: enthusiastic & awesome volunteer Marie knew a lot about greens. She’ll be President some day.


July is chock-a-block with food demos! Catch me at the following Farmers Markets: July 1 & 15 @Kingfield Farmers Market (So Mpls); July 13 @ West Broadway mini-market (North Mpls); July 21@ Northeast Mpls Farmers Market. See Farmers Market Appearances page for a ‘taste’ of what I do.

(One of these days I’ll get a decent video of my L’il Locavores bit and post it.)


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