Praise & Gratitude: New Testimonials

I am lucky to have wonderful clients who appreciate my passion for healthful food. I get a huge kick from kids trying a vegetable for the first time and smiles from those sampling salads at my outdoor demos to praise from people like Trisha, below. THANK YOU.

See more testimonials on my new Testimonial page!

 I have the privilege of eating Tracy’s food just about every week at work and it’s something I really look forward to! It’s really exciting to see how Tracy can turn food that is good for me into such delicious, nutritious treats! The food not only tastes good, but Tracy’s energy and excitement for people around her to have access to healthy, affordable food has inspired me to be more thoughtful about my food choices as well.

Tracy’s variety in what she prepares is tremendous. She also is very accommodating with people’s dietary requests. I would recommend Tracy to people looking for a caterer for an event as well as people who are looking for fun, tasty, nutritious food options from a local chef.  The Twin Cities area is lucky to have someone like Tracy around!

~~ Trisha S., April 2012


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