The Whole Shebang

The other week was one of my busiest in a long time! I pulled off 2 catering jobs including a 70-person family-style dinner party; 1 cooking class at Inver Grove Heights Community Center; 1 private cooking lesson; and a salad demo at Kingfield Farmers’ Market.

They were all great, but I do really enjoy the chance to interact with people in the smaller settings. So spread the word about my cooking lessons!

There’s no better way to learn and improve cooking skills than a hands-on session in your own home. Just a few tips on knives will have you saying, “ahh, now I get it”.  3 hours of chopping, talking and tasting will reinvigorate your approach!

You can invite up to 3 other people. And, we focus on what you want to learn, whether it’s basic skills, more whole foods, or ideas for going gluten- or dairy-free. I bring fresh veggies & ingredients to your kitchen (and my knife sharperner).

The whole shebang — 4 people, 3 hours, and a meal for 6-8 afterwords — is only $160.00. What a deal!

Don’t just take my word for it:

Tracy’s class was extremely informational. She offered a range of advice that was extremely helpful including health-related information and recommended kitchen tools. It was fun! I’ve been using and experimenting with the recipes to make up my own salads and slaws and it’s really yummy! With each bite you get so many different flavors. ~~ Tammy

I’ve been using the methods Tracy taught us during the cooking class. I never knew you could economize ingredients and use them for so many different dishes. Tracy taught us about new ingredients I’ve never tried or heard about, and since her class I’ve been purchasing and cooking with some of these new ingredients.  It’s delicious and it’s healthy!! Tracy was so cool, and I loved the food was great! It’s awesome that Tracy gave each of us a chef’s knife and taught us how to use different knives for different cutting and dicing techniques. ~~ Lee

I would like to recommend Tracy KS Yue’s cooking lessons as a terrific gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative. She did a fabulous private cooking tutorial on healthy, seasonally appropriate, locavore and DELICIOUS cooking for my husband and his Dad for Father’s Day. Thank you, Tracy! It was great fun for everyone and the food was EXCELLENT!! ~~ Susan


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