Down the Rabbit Hole

It is so easy to slip down the Rabbit Hole into the dizzying Wonderland of Starch.

That goofy Alice with her yo-yo weight issues. First, it’s the quick-fix “Drink Me Potion” aka liquid diet food substitutes. She drops pounds immediately but doesn’t have strength or energy to even turn the doorknob. Now Alice is hungry and feeling deprived and, in a typical rebound, scarfs a box of “Eat Me Cakes” (not likely the whole-wheat applesauce kind). She bloats and balloons to giant size and again, can’t get out of the house. She gets head-aches.

This woman needs to get herself to a meeting of Cake-eaters Anonymous.

Moreover, what does the schizo Mad Hatter serve at tea? Pastries & cake. “Off with their heads!”, orders Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, another unstable personality. What did infamously unsympathetic queen Marie Antoinette say about her starving French masses? “Let them eat cake.”

Crabby, confused, hyper-sensitive, prone to over-emotional fits and angry flare-ups. Obviously, these poor people are in the throes of processed flour & sugar addictions!

[Oh, I hear you, sister. And the dang holidays are approaching!]

So, what to do? Learn to love chewy, satisfying, low-glycemic whole grains. Go beyond brown rice. I’m talking about wheat berries, oat berries, barley; and on the gluten-free side, quinoa, millet and buckwheat groats aka “Kasha”, and different red and red-brown combo rice.

Autumn is the perfect season for cassoulets & stews with different kinds of whole-grain pilafs. And now the heretical: Refrain from serving bread on the side. I know, it’s so nice to mop up sauce with crusty bread, I get it. I’m not saying never eat it.

Case in point: I have a client who wants to better control her carb intake. Cake is not her “eat me” temptation, it’s pasta and bread. In a recent coaching session, we discussed “scaffolding down” from these processed carbs, and substituting whole grain pilafs and salads. She’s never cooked grains, so, in our next cooking lesson, we’re going to make 3-4 kinds for her to try. I’m bringing my pressure cooker.

Once she learns the basic method of boil & simmer — it’s the same for all of them — she can start using these instead of white rice and pasta. These pack more nutrients per serving and make you feel more full. Plus, then you’ll have cooked whole grains on hand for other wholesome dishes.

Wheat-berries with Lentils & Collard Greens. Grains took only 15 min in pressure cooker (my photo).

 For instance, Google “wheat berries” and up pops up several nice salads and soups right away. Go to’s huge database for more inspiration.

If you love bread, try to save it for sandwiches, where it has a noble and practical purpose.

And then, we’ll treat ourselves to cake.


One thought on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. bradleehere

    Just the kind of advice I need to revitalize the winter pantry. Time to try new, more nutritious carbs with lower glycemic index ratings. Thanks for the suggestions!


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