IMG_9836I cater events from small to large, from casual to elegant, and from appetizers to full meals. Besides special celebrations, I also provide tasty healthful meals for professional and community workshops, board meetings, staff retreats and more.

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SERVICES: I cater big and small events and offer “Full to Partial” service.

Full Service:  I bring everything, I serve & clean up.
Partial Service:  From shopping, cooking and delivering, to including setting it up.
Kitchen Wrangler:  you have ordered food from somewhere and I do all the ‘hosting’ duties. This means setting up, serving & refilling, tidying kitchen, clearing plates, taking out the trash & recycling and being nice to your guests.

1) I mostly do buffets. If you have the inclination and $$, family-style service can be arranged. [No plated sit-down meals, sorry. You need an army.]
2) I will recommend & provision certain retail items when it makes more sense for your budget.
3) I try to use as much local and organic produce when in season and as it fits your budget.

FOOD: I cook anything that clients wish and also specialize in Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Paleo-friendly options. My menus have something for everyone! 

chicken & peppers, beet & lentil salad meal

Clockwise from top:  Organic Greens, Carrot, Jicama & Radish Salad in Grapefruit Vinaigrette; Braised Chicken with Peppers & Capers in wine broth served with Wild & Brown Rice Pilaf; Balsamic Roast Beet & Lentil Salad.

Note: ok, I don’t make Mac ‘n Cheese or Fried Chicken. Not my thing. Also, I am not a baker — it’s that gluten thing. Besides, other people do it much better.

A Not-exhaustive List of Dishes for Reception Catering 


Fresh Veggies w/ vegan herb dip

Fresh Veggies w/ vegan herb dip

Raw veggie platter (local when in season, organic on request) served with:

  • Hummus Spreads (vegan): Traditional, Herb Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Black Olive, Guacamole or Chili Chipotle flavor.
  • Vegan Specialty Spreads (low-fat, like fluffier hummus): Cilantro Lime; Wasabi Dill; Beet Horseradish; Cumin Carrot; Chermoula.
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Dressing Dips: Herb Ranch, Creamy Curry, Cilantro Pistou, Chermoula, Tsatsiki.
  • Cream Cheese Balls:  Ginger Cranberry, Ginger Fig; Spicy Mango Chutney; Roquefort & Olives/Grapes/Bacon/ or Combo; Orange Olive Almond; Sun-dried Tomato; Basil Pesto; Olive; Mediterranean Combo.

Vegan Toppings for Bruschetta or Sandwiches: Black Olive Tapenade; Artichoke Olive Tapenade; Mashed Roast Eggplant; Garlicky Smashed White Beans w/ Sage or Basil; Thai Curry-flavored Mushrooms; and more.

Gourmet Apps

Fresh Sage & Smashed Black-eyed Peas & Chard Bruschetta

Garlicky Smashed Bean & Chard w/ Fresh Sage on Bruschetta

  • Roquefort Grape “Truffles” (GF, vegetarian)
  • Maguro Tuna Sashimi Cubes in Wasabi Ginger vinaigrette (GF)
  • Herbed / Peppery Cheesy Polenta squares (GF; vegan option available)
  • Variety of Bruschetta
  • Roasted Bacon-wrapped Dates (GF)
  • Dark Chocolate-dipped Bacon (GF)
  • Beef Meatballs in Thai Curry or Soy Molasses sauce
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts Skewers; option with bacon (GF)
  • Stuffed Baked Mushrooms with variety of fillings (Chorizo, Spinach Parmesan, Olive & Mushroom Tapenade) (GF)
  • Creamy Crab Dip (Horseradish Dill or Cilantro Lime)
  • Sauteed Kalamata Olives w/ Garlic (Vegan GF)
  • Roast Beet Skewers w/ Horseradish or Balsamic dressing  (Vegan GF)
  • Tomatoes or Mini-Peppers stuffed with Thai-curried Mushrooms (Vegan GF)
  • Antipasto Platter (GF, vegan optional)
  • Variety of Antipasto Skewers (GF)
  • Chilled Gazpacho in Cucumber “shooters” (Vegan GF)
  • Chilled Curried Coconut Celery Soup ‘shooters’ (Vegan GF)
  • Chilled Gingery Beet Soup shooters (Vegan GF)
  • Caramelized Onion Puff Pastry squares w/ goat cheese or roquefort and toppings (mango chutney, bacon, sweet potato, roast beet, nuts, herbs, or Indian spices. (Vegan option available; not GF).
  • Spicy Lentil Mini-Samosas (Vegan)
  • Spanakopita Triangles (Vegetarian)
"Cuban" Pork Pot Roast (green olives, sweet peppers, carrots). Incredible sauce.

“Cubano” Pork Pot Roast (green olives, sweet peppers, carrots). Incredible sauce.


  • Roast Beef or Pork in choice of sauces: Spicy Soy-Molasses, Asian Lime, Sesame Ginger, Moroccan Chermoula, Harissa, Portobello Wine, Cubano, Smoked Paprika or Coconut Curry. (GF)
  • Braised Chicken in same choice of sauces, plus Dijon Tarragon, Capers & Peppers, and West African Mafe sauce (GF)
  • Coq Au Vin (GF)
  • Pan-fried Cod or Tuna with Chorizo Vinaigrette (GF)
  • Baked Salmon (GF)
  • Burrito Bar (includes meat, vegan, GF options)
  • Gourmet Sandwich Bar (ditto)




  • Pretty in Pink: assembled salad of sliced cauliflower, cooked beets, kohlrabi that was marinated with beet, and albacore tuna, on romaine/spinach, with fresh mint vinaigrette. Any vinaigrette will do.

    Pretty in Pink: assembled salad of sliced cauliflower, cooked beets, kohlrabi that was marinated with beet, and albacore tuna, on romaine/spinach with fresh mint vinaigrette.


  • Roast Squash & Bell Pepper Pie with/without Goat Cheese (GF option avail)
  • Salade Nicoise & variations
  • “Samosa” Pie (vegetarian or spiced beef/lamb)
  • Roast Ratatouille & Polenta (Vegan GF)
  • Eggplant Moussaka (Vegan GF; has tvp)
  • Sweet Potato Mafe Stew w/ Beans (Vegan GF)
  • Green Tamale Casserole (Vegan GF)


  • Braised Tempeh in wide variety of sauces (see above) (vegan, GF)
  • Bell Peppers stuffed with Curried Mushroom Rice (vegan)
Hilda with a plate of summer goodness (from top left): Sesame Noodle Salad, Watermelon Feta Salad in Radicchio Cup, Grilled Veg & Fish Skewers, Marinated Chopped Salad.

Hilda with a plate of summer goodness (from top left): Marinated Chopped Salad, Sesame Noodle Salad, Watermelon Feta Salad in Radicchio Cup, Grilled Veg & Fish Skewer.


  • Garlicky Black-eyed Peas & Swiss Chard/Kale (GF)
  • Rum Molasses Chipotle Baked Beans (GF)
  • Sauteed Collard Greens/Kale with Red Peppers & Raisins (GF)
  • Roast Ratatouille (vegan GF)
  • Roast Sweet Potatoes with Lime & Cilantro; with Black beans (Vegan GF)
  • Succotash (GF)
  • Lemony Quinoa Pilaf with Zucchini & Raisins (GF)
  • Basil Quinoa w/ Arugula (GF)
  • Chickpeas & Barley with Olives & Fresh Mint (not GF)
  • Moroccan Millet w/ Sweet Potato (GF)
  • Romesco Rice/Millet/Quinoa
  • Indian-style Kasha Pilaf w/ Spiced Walnuts
  • Kasha/Quinoa & Mushroom Pilaf
  • Curried Barley Salad with Cranberries & Sugar Snap Peas
  • Yin Yang Rice & Vegetable Salad
  • Vegan Herbed Potato Salad, variety of dressings
  • Quinoa Salad with Pears, Green Beans & Horseradish Dressing
  • Blanched Carrot & Kale Salad in Orange Ginger Vinaigrette. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free.

    Blanched Carrot & Kale Salad in Orange Ginger Vinaigrette. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free.

    Refreshing Minty Quinoa Radish salad (kohlrabi in season)

  • “Jewel” Slaw in Cilantro or Sesame Ginger Dressing
  • “Firecracker Slaw” in Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette (carrot, beet & apple)
  • Watermelon Feta Salad w/ Mint
  • Balsamic Lentil & Roast Beet Salad
  • Greek Garbanzo Bean Salad (option feta cheese)
  • Chipotle Black Bean & Pepper Salad
    AND MANY more vegetarian entrees and sides than can fit on this page!  (See DDoW Menu Archive for more ideas)


  • Coconut Cream Haupia Pie (in pans or mini) (vegan GF)
  • Autumn Harvest Crisp – GF or regular oats (Ginger Apple Pear Prune combo) (pans only)
  • Baked Pears in Maple Syrup (GF)
  • Kheer Coconut Milk Rice Pudding (GF)
  • Chocolate Pudding (vegan)

SWEETS – with Dairy:

  • Fruit “Fool” with fresh mint (GF)
  • Quinoa Fruit Parfait (GF)
  • Fruit Platter w/ yogurt honey dressing (GF)

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