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imgresThank you for considering Delivered Dish of the Week (a One Dish at A Time service). You order, I deliver!

The Online Form is embedded at the bottom of this page. You will receive a confirmation of your order on the Monday prior to delivery date. If you’re a new customer,  I will also contact you directly about delivery arrangements. Should you wish to change your order, please resubmit this form and I will follow the newest order.

Chipotle Black Bean Salad with Bell Peppers (my photo).

Chipotle Black Bean Salad with Bell Peppers (my photo).

FYI, the form lists the name and ingredients for each dish.

There is a 2-quart minimum order for any single destination. Each quart is $10; pints are $5. Delivery fee is an additional $3.50, therefore, a typical fee is $23.50. Deliveries are made Wed – Thu mainly within inner metro area. More about DDoW service.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to start filling out the Form. Please make sure to go through all pages of the Order Form and to click the “submit” button at the end. You should see a “thank you” page (you may have to scroll a bit). If not, your order has not been submitted. Tips for success: double check all the required fields; for some people, Firefox or Chrome browser works better.

Still having problems? Please contact me directly at onedishatatime@me.com with your specific order.

Btw, if you’re interested in past menus, see the DDoW Menu Archive. It lists a couple years’ worth!

Subscribe to my blog for announcements about DDoW & cooking classes, useful tips, photos & news about cooking healthfully! For “breaking” news & tips, follow and ‘like’ One Dish at A Time on Facebook (One-Dish-at-A-Time in St Paul MN). Comment, share, send feedback!


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