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Rainbow chard growing in garden

Gorgeous Rainbow Chard from Reimann Family farm.

“Do the locavore” is a song I sang to open my farmers’ market show & demo “Little Locavores”. Adapted from “Do the Locomotion”. Very catchy!

Now that local veggies are in, I’m doin’ the locavore and buying from farmers like Reimann Family Farm in St Francis. I also hope to buy produce from youth-run community gardens.

     “This year’s chard is the best I’ve seen,” says Chris Gamm of Reimann. Chris has grown organic veggies for years and until this year ran a small CSA, as well as being employed at the Arboreteum. So her veggies are indeed the fruits of a labor of love. Lucky us!

Fireworks Salad: a very healthful tasty salad of red wheat berries or red rice, diced rainbow chard stalks, radishes, red bell peppers, green onions, marinated in a simple herb vinaigrette. Keeps forever, great for outdoors. Vegan!

I bought 8 lbs fresh chard, more than was needed for this week’s Fireworks Wheatberry Salad (photo left). So I will blanch, freeze and include it in next week’s veg fricassee. Meanwhile I get to enjoy garlicky sauteed chard, a favorite of mine! It’s a Chinese thing, greens. Ate them every single day when I lived in Hong Kong. There are more varieties in Asia than here.

DDoW Club — Bring on the Potlucks!

Summer Potluck Season is upon us! With that in mind, here are the next 3-4 weeks of the Delivered Dish of the Week Club. 1 qt is enough for a 10-12 person potluck (1/3 cp each). If a bigger event, order more!

Also, you’ll start to see more locally grown veg in salads, as they become plentiful at farmers’ markets. Hopefully, radishes will appear soon.  MARKET ALERT: Local Strawberries are here!


1) Sesame Soba & Whole Wheat Noodle Salad. Vegan. Noodles, some shredded veg and a creamy tahini “Annie’s Goddess” type dressing. Pls notify early if you would like all-soba noodles, ie no gluten.

Thai Green Beans (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

2) Thai Green Beans. Vegan. Eat hot or cold. I’ll put crushed peanuts in a separate baggie.

JUNE 13-19

1) Rum-flavored Baked Beans. Vegan. Dark and rich-tasting thanks to the rum & molasses sauce. A big hit at a catered BBQ. Serve hot in a crockpot; although I think it would be fine at room temperature, too.

2)  Herb Pesto Potato Salad. Vegan. Will include some crunchy veggies. No mayo —  it can sit out on the picnic table all day!

JUNE 20-26

1) Black-eyed Peas Salad in Cilantro Tamarind dressing. Vegan.

2) Kasha Pilaf with Toasted Walnuts and Scallions. Vegan. Kasha is a popular name for buckwheat groats, ie unhulled unprocessed grains. Nicely nutty. Buckwheat is misnamed and contains no gluten.

Let others bring the white & blue while you bring the RED

1) Roast Beet & Lentil Salad in Balsamic. Vegan. A very popular and incredibly beautiful dish. People who think they don’t like beets are usually won over.

Fireworks Salad (red rice & veg). Vegan, no gluten!

2) Red Rice & Crunchy Veg Salad with Cranberries. Vegan. By this time there should be fresh green peas, radishes, daikon and corn at the market? Then I’ll call it Fireworks Salad.

Click here to learn more about Delivered Dish of the Week Club, its terms and fees. To sign up for the Club and to place orders, just contact me with your name and address for delivery, and I’ll get back to you right away.

Got yer number, cucumber

Sun’s Little Locavore was a blast!  We played true/false with some little-known facts about Cucumbers and debuted the “Walk Like An Egyptian Cucumber Baton Desert Relay”. Yes, a la Steve Martin.

Thanks to Locavores Zander and Everett, Paige, Cameron, and Sienna, Mags, Emily, Josie, Brook and Brin!  After running the desert relay, they showed the audience 4 kinds of cucumbers: slicer, baby pickling, medium pickling, English ‘burpless’ and Japanese. They cored and sliced a few, and helped make Fresh Mint Vinaigrette.  Triplets Paige, Cameron and Sienna carried out trays of samples and wowed the crowd with expert serving skills. :^)

This super-quick vinaigrette makes excellent refrigerator pickles out of any crunchy veg. A great way to add flavor to mild kohlrabi and tone down the peppery bite of radish.

Fun Fact About Cucumbers #2 :  the internal temperature of a cuke on the vine is on average 20 degrees cooler than the temperature of the exterior. So our metaphor “cool as a cucumber” has a basis in science.