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Crunchy, Chewy, Smooth, Tart, Tangy, Spicy…

That’s what your mouth has to look forward to in the next few week’s of Delivered Dishes of the Week! As usual, nearly all offerings are vegan, low-fat and gluten-free. Menus are based on what’s available at the Farmers’ Market; grains and beans are organic and from the co-op.

Sep 6 – 12

1) Deconstructed “California Roll” SaladVegan, no gluten. Refreshing marinated cukes, carrots, daikon, pickled ginger and avocado layered with sushi rice. Crunchy, chewy and low-fat.

2) Grilled Japanese Eggplant with Sesame Dressing. Vegan, no gluten. Simple and lovely, with a more delicate texture than the larger eggplants.

Roasted beets, onions & sweet potato (photo Brad Dahlgaard)

Sep 13 – 19

1) Roasted Beets with Mild Wasabi Dressing (on the side). Vegan, no gluten. An interesting twist on beet salad.

2) Black Bean & Peppers Salad in Chipotle Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette. Vegan, no gluten. The Southwest thing. Add a cheese quesadilla and you’re set.

Sep 20 -26

1) Roasted Cauliflower with Roquefort DressingNo gluten. A popular dish from this winter reprised with locally grown cauliflower.

2) Curried Barley & Veggie Salad with Cranberries & Coconut. Vegan. Another hit from May’s DDoWC that received raves from summer catering clients. Barley contains the same cholesterol-lowering, water-soluble fiber as oatmeal, but is more versatile. It’s terrific in salads, pilafs, risotto and hot cereal. not just in soup. Please note, barley contains gluten.


Catering to vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free eaters

I knew it had been a while but how is it possible that I haven’t posted since June??  I will try to make amends.

chicken & peppers, beet & lentil salad meal

Clockwise from bottome: Roast Beet & Lentil Salad in Balsamic; braised chicken in peppers capers & wine broth on wild & brown rice; greens and carrot/jicama/radish salad in grapefruit juice; lemon poppyseed pound cake.


While I will make nearly anything a client wishes — with the exception of things including mini-marshmallows — I try to offer menus with multiple options for vegans and those avoiding gluten.  This means lots of my marinated salads and savory appetizers that don’t depend on cheese.

Lately I have catered graduation parties, wedding brunches, family reunion picnics and political fundraisers. Coming up in Sept is a vegan wedding dinner. Here are some sample menus for you to chew on.

Menu for Keith Ellison’s Birthday Party: farmers’ market veggie tray; creamy vegan curry dip; wasabi dill veggie spread; roquefort green olive cream cheese; baguettes & gluten-free crackers; ginger cilantro quinoa daikon salad; coconut curry chicken chunks; green beans marinated in sesame black-bean dressing.

Menu for Summer Picnic: French lentil & roast beet salad in balsamic dressing; tossed green salad w/ heirloom tomatoes; chicken tenderloins with sesame sage butter; pesto potato salad; vegan chipotle rum baked beans; baguettes; fruit salad.

Low-fat Creamy Dilled Smoked Trout Potato Salad with Green Beans

Menu for Bride’s Luncheon: Low-fat Creamy Dill Smoked Trout & Potato Salad with Marinated Green Beans (vegetarian option has no trout); Tossed Green Salad; Parmesan Polenta Squares; Spicy Carrots & White Beans; Fruit with Chocolate Sauce.

Kohlrabi Rhymes with Wasabi

 At the Mpls Farmers Market yesterday, Aunty Oxidant sang a duet with Plain Jane Kohlrabi about how beauty and goodness come from the inside.  [Sure, Jane is pale green and has antennae, but she contains much more antioxidant vitamins A & C and minerals than other more colorful vegetables her size. Plus, she can claim the proud heritage of the Cruciferous Clan, that hardy band of guerrilla fighters, reputed to have fought off roving cancerous cell attacks, and, most famously, freed ye old township of Artery from the Siege of Cholesterol.]  

Meanwhile, back at the Market…. Eager and talented volunteers Vivian, Amaya and Marley used kids’ scissors to dice up slices of kohlrabi, while the slightly older Ethan and Isabelle learned to use paring knives in a grid fashion.  

To make the mint vinaigrette, they plucked fresh mint leaves from stems, peeled a smashed garlic clove, poured a cup of white balsamic vinegar into mini-processor, added a pinch of salt, and pulsed for two choruses of “Happy Birthday to Vivian” (whose birthday is on Aug 27th!). Then the sous chefs tossed it with the diced kohlrabi, spooned the lovely green-flecked salad into little paper cups and served it to admiring adults.

[We used white balsamic this time; it’s mellower and less sour than rice vinegar but still fairly sweet and kid-friendly.]

Admiring adults commented “delicious”, “refreshing and tart”, and “0 points in Weight Watchers!!”  ‘Nuff said.

Isabelle and Vivian really liked the plain kohlrabi, in fact. It tastes like a very mild radish and is fun to crunch. Being bland, it will take on the flavor of whatever it accompanies, and, in its raw form, add crunch and a light ‘clean, grassiness’.

TODAY, inspired by how Kohlrabi rhymes with Wasabi, I am going to make yet another version of this salad, this time with kohlrabi, shredded carrot, rice vinegar, garlic, cilantro, and a dab of wasabi paste. I bet this goes really well with smoky grilled meats. I will report on results anon.