Delivered Dish of the Week

Get flavorful, healthful dishes full of fresh vegetables, whole grain and/or legumes, delivered directly to your home or office!

Colorful Kamut salad (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

Colorful Kamut salad (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

It’s simple — Sign up for DDoW service, with a new online order form!

I offer two different, seasonal dishes each week, including marinated salads, soups, stews and pilafs. Most are dairy-free and often gluten-free as well.  Two quarts is a typical order, enough to last a family 2 meals or a single person all week. Salads are marinated in my home-made vinaigrettes, so they keep in the refrigerator for 1-2 wks.  Stews, soups & casseroles will keep and can also be frozen.


  • Kamut Salad with diced kohlrabi, daikon, red cabbage, napa cabbage, carrot, and scallions in a bright lime cilantro vinaigrette (photo).
  • Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Salad; Roast Beets & Lentils in Balsamic.
  • Jamaican Jerk Stew w/ Sweet Potatoes & Collards; Vegan Mexican Posole; Ratatouille with Beans & Pesto, a typical Provencal stew of zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant that’s good cold or hot;
  • Thai-spiced Stuffed Peppers; Jambalaya w/ TVP; Quinoa Mushroom Pilaf.
  • Soups: Green Parsnip, Pumpkin White Bean; Farmer’s Market Chowder; Chinese 5-spice Root Veggie. 

    See Dish of the Week Menu Archive for a year’s worth of menus! 

Fresh peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, parsley

Fresh from the Farmers’ Mkt! Ready for making Ratatouille


I use primarily vegetables in season from local markets and farms, supplemented by an organic wholesale source, co-ops and grocery stores. I use organic and non-organic produce, and mainly organic legumes & grains from Azure Standard (based in OR).

Base price is $10/quart. Minimum order is 2 quarts for any single destination. Choose 1 quart of each dish or, 2 quarts of one dish, as you wish. Delivery fee is $3.50 for inner metro, $4 certain suburbs. Therefore, a typical order of 2 quarts would cost $23.50.  If you prepay for 4 deliveries, the price is $92-94.00 (depends on location). [If you request all-organic ingredients, your fee would be commensurately higher.]

Best Idea Ever: share a membership with office mates!  Save time, gas & money and eat better by skipping the noon stampede to the strip mall or drive-thru. Your office counts as a single destination, therefore, a group of you can not only split the delivery fee, but also you receive the flexibility to order smaller amounts, such as one pint instead of 2 quarts. [The total order for entire office must be 2 quarts.]

Delivery days are Tue – Thu, unless by special arrangement. Your location will determine which day and which route. Many clients will leave a cooler on the stoop, or, directions to the office refrigerator in case they’re not around. Delivery within metro only. Note, some suburbs are out of my delivery area.


  • Offerings in the autumn and winter include roasted vegetable salads, hearty soups and stews.
  • You can special order larger quantities, too, say  if you have a potluck to go to or houseguests coming.
  • You can sign up for Coaching, and learn how to make these easy, healthful dishes yourself!


Place your order online and/or contact me at You select the dishes and the weeks and payment method (check, cash or Paypal). We’ll arrange delivery day & time-frame by email. That’s it! You’ll get weekly email newsletter & alerts of upcoming dishes. You can order an entire month in advance.

The advantage of prepaying is that you pay only monthly instead of having to remember to leave me a check each time. I track your balance as it rolls forward and notify you when it’s time to renew. For me, prepaid “subscriptions” help immensely with estimating quantities to prepare. 25 vs 50 lbs of carrots? You get the picture. And, good estimates will be important as I develop relationships with local farmers.


11 thoughts on “Delivered Dish of the Week

  1. Luar Burley

    I signed up at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville for a “Beans and Greens” cooking class.
    Tracy was the instructor, she was amazing with her knowledge. She had answers for everything. What knives to use, where to get them. EVERYTHING..she is phenomenal..
    Thank was wonderful. Can’t wait to have another class.

  2. Melinda

    Had Tracy over for a “tasting party” with about 10 friends last weekend — what a great evening! The food was all FANTASTIC, & Tracy took lots of time to answer questions about recipes, ingredients, special diets, health concerns, etc. I’m definitely on board for the delivered dish of the week (as are several of my friends)
    Thanks Tracy!!!

  3. Emily Troemel

    Tracy – I bought your meals for my mother when she was recovering from surgery. She loved them! You offer a wonderful service and I hope that your business thrives.

  4. Eric Bestrom

    Delivered Dish is great!
    I have to admit, I am usually a very lazy and inept cook. I grab fast food just because it is fast and my body feels gross afterwards.

    Tracy chooses and prepares foods that not only taste good, but are good for me. Now I can eat Curry Salad or Deconstructed Vegetarian Sushi from the quart containers Tracy has delivered to my office and it’s even faster, more convenient, and much, much nicer on my digestive system than going out for gut bombs.

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  6. Michelle

    Tracy – Thank you so much for offering this service. My boyfriend and I typically work late on Tuesday nights and your healthy, tasty options provide us with a great alternative to the usual pizza delivery. I especially enjoyed the millet and chickpea risotto and the black and red bean salads!

  7. Carol Hiniker

    I would like a pint of the Spinach/Chard special delived to Weds choir nite pllease.

    Thanks ,

    P S Your quinoa slaw on Sunday was divine. What an Earth Day!

  8. Katherine

    I want to host a One Dish “sampler” event at my house, Tracy. How should I go about this? I like the idea of neighbors sharing a membership and reducing delivery costs. Let me know! Katherine

  9. Dianne

    I would like to try your salads with delivery to my home. I would like to do it weekly for 1-2 months and see how it goes with my family …
    Let me know what you need from me.


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